Oct 22, 2020

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John Loeffler: The Road to Cancel Culture

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How did we ever get to a point where we have such rampant cancel culture in Western civilization?  On today’s podcast, John looks at the change in education over the past three decades from thinking based on logic and fact to thinking based on consensus group think.  As a result, some people have built safe spaces to retreat to when they are faced with facts antithetical to their worldview.  They tried to shame us by calling us all kinds of names but that isn’t working anymore so they have moved on the next step – cancel culture.  John gives advice and warnings when dealing with people who have constructed these safe spaces.


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Feb 2, 2019

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Takes Two to Tangle

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Every Steel on Steel show features the phrase “the herd’s almost always running in the wrong direction.” In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the need to separate from the herd and think for yourself. Always do what is right, even in times of trouble. Do not be led down the slippery slope of idealism that has firmly entrenched itself into our society. Doing what is right isn’t always easy but it is always needed.

It’s time for John’s annual rant against taxes and who better to rant with than tax expert and owner of Tax Help Online Dan Pilla (www.taxhelponline.com)? John and Dan discuss the tactics of auditors and how to fight back against them, as well as a new artificial intelligence program the IRS is using to better identify sources of income – which would raise even more money for the government.

The Middle East is complicated as is its relations with other areas of the world. Ken Timmerman (www.iran.org), President of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, examines the geopolitics between Iran and Europe, the effectiveness of President Trump’s policies in the region, and the current situation with the Kurds and Syria.

Finally, John looks further at the Middle East, specifically the so-called Peace Process and the events of the past decade, including President Obama’s destabilizing actions and President Trump’s attempts to clean up the mess. There are important things happening, but the media will either falsely report on it or completely ignore it all together. To give you a clear picture, you need Steel on Steel.

John’s quote of the week:
“Anyone who succeeds and says, ‘I can do this and that and I don’t need to listen to you,’ that’s where the criticism gets vicious because it ruptures the dependency narrative and shows it to be false. That endangers the money flow, the ideology flow, and the political flow.”

In this week’s Extras segment, we first play a brief boralogue from 2017 where John explains how the tax system really works. Then we transition to the first 30 minutes of a speech John gave about critical thinking entitled ‘Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit‘. The complete speech is available in our Media Store for $19.99, or free of charge in the Veritas Lounge for Premium members. Learn more.


02/02/2019 Takes Two to Tangle

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – John’s Boralogue – Recognizing and Doing the Right Thing (1:54)
2 – Dan Pilla – Tactics of Tax Auditors (13:29)
      Dan Pilla – IRS Uses AI to Better Levy Taxes (21:50)
3 – Dan Pilla – More on IRS Audits and AI (26:23)
4 – Ken Timmerman – Geopolitics between Iran and Europe (39:46)
5 – Ken Timmerman – Syria and the Kurds (52:40)
      John Loeffler – Variety: Gov. Policies, the Homeless, Global Warming debate (1:00:48)
6 – John Loeffler – Middle East Geopolitics (1:06:03)
7 – Extras Segment – Boralogue on Taxes / Speech on Critical Thinking (1:18:57)

End of Show (1:56:57)

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May 7, 2016

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The Rules Don’t Apply

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160019 05/07/2016

Do you suffer from PCT – progressive collective thinking? Probably not if you’re listening to Steel on Steel! In this week’s extended boralogue, John looks at the symptoms of PCT and dissects an audio clip of an anti-Trump supporter that shows perfectly PCT at work. When progressives don’t follow the rules they themselves set up, they then claim they don’t need them.

Group-think and liberalism have grown to the point where they have now seeped into nearly every facet or our daily lives. Dr. Kim Holmes (www.heritage.org), former Assistant Secretary of State for International Affairs joins us to discuss the origins of liberalism and how its adherents have spun completely around in their views on free speech and tolerance. The result is a new morality.

Immigration and visa fraud have been found in the investigation of the participants in the San Bernardino terror attack. Returning to the program is retired INS special agent Michael Cutler (www.michaelcutler.net), who examines the problems stemming from current immigration policies and the U.S. government’s unwillingness to solve them and shows how it impacts not only national security but also economics and drug trafficking.

John’s quote of the week:
“When it’s in their favor, progressive activists will try to use law or rules to force their ideas on their opposition. But when those laws or rules go against what they wish to do, they will roll their eyes heavenward and say that this is an unjust law and we follow a higher moral law – which, by the way, they tend to invent as they need it.”

As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.

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