Jan 14, 2019

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Antichrist Doesn’t Wear Tights – Part1 Free Sample

Why do worldviews matter, what are the tactics of an invading worldview, and how can we stand in the rough times to come? Listen to this full-length speech that John gave at a ‘Steeling the Mind of America’ conference several years ago.

Today we air the first installment of John Loeffler’s address entitled, ‘Antichrist Doesn’t Wear Tights,’ focusing on the effects of deceptive dialectical thought flooding into the West and the Church. The address was delivered at Koinonia Institute’s Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on November 18, 2006. Buy a download of both parts, 1 and 2 in our Media Store.

Listen to John Loeffler’s ‘Antichrist Doesn’t Wear Tights’ – Part 1.

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DVD Video DownloadsDownload individual Steel on Steel Videos in MP4 Format right to your computer. They are also iOS and Android compatible. (H.264/aac)

John has delivered these presentations at various conferences over the last several years. Now you can download them individually in a small video file playable on your computer or portable media devices.

Available Video Downloads

$5.00 except where specified otherwise:

The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West – 66 min.
The Road Back – 64min.
The Road Back Extended Version – 100min. ($9.00)
The Next Shoe to Drop – 56min.
The Emerging Church – 165min. ($9.00)
Changing Values – 58min
Coming Persecution 2 – 53min
Four Storms and a Silver Lining – 51min
Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit – 45min
Christians and the Coming Chaos – 57min
What Were We Thinking?
The Anatomy of Persecution – 36 min
Shall Not Have Died in Vain – 48min.
Stumbling Toward an Omega Point – 48min.

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Dec 22, 2012

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The Future of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Middle East

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120051 12/22/2012

Merry Christmas everyone!

As the global secularist press tries to put a happy face make on their collapsing Middle East narrative and its democracy-in-the-making claims, the Muslim Brotherhood extends its grasp on Middle Eastern countries. Professor Raymond Stock (www.meforum.org) is former professor of Arabic and Middle East Studies at Drew University, who lived in Egypt for two decades.

Then we’ll continue our “I”m-sick-and-tired-of-the-glop-I-hear-about-Christianity” thread. Where did the claims about the supposed hostility between science and religion originate? Was it really science that freed us from the darkness of religion or was it Christianity that set the groundwork for modern science? James Hannam (www.jameshannam.com) is author of “The Genesis of Science: How the Christian Middle Ages Launched the Scientific Revolution.”

John’s boralogue analyzes President Obama’s comments about gun control this week, demonstrating how they form a Hegelian dialectic which moves people toward a pre-determined outcome one step at a time.

Want more resources on these topics? Here are some previous programs you might find interesting:
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