Jan 21, 2012

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Shifting Attitudes Away from Gun Control

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120003 01/21/2012

It’s time we see whether or not Americans’ attitudes towards gun control have shifted over the last decade. There were two pivotal events which seem to have galvanized the case for self defense. Alan Gottlieb from the Second Amendment Foundation (www.saf.org) is author of the book, “Shooting Blanks, Facts Don’t Matter to the Gun Ban Crowd.”

Then Michael Paul joins us to continue the thread we have been pursuing ongoing asking the question, “Will the real Islam please stand up?” Paul grew up as an Iraqi Muslim and later became a Christian. We have candid conversation about his life, Iraq, Iran, Islam and Christian persecution.

The entire concept of land-for-peace swapping in the Middle East peace process will suffer a fatal wound if Egypt reneges on its treaty with Israel and the United States fails to enforce it, since the U.S. was a principle guarantor of the treaty. John’s boralogue examines this most critical issue.


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