Sep 25, 2004

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Spitting in the Face of Christ

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Today’s program rotates around the issue of worldviews and how a faulty worldview undermines one’s faith in a time of trial or even daily life.

Rule #1 in battle:  Don’t allow your enemy to determine the terms of the fight, and that is precisely what the Christian church has done in the West by allowing the secular world to divide reality into issues of fact vs. issues of value.  The secularists are now employing this dichotomy to expel Christianity from the public marketplace of ideas.  Nancy Pearcey, Francis A, Schaeffer scholar at the World Journalism Institute and author of “Total Truth,” ( urges churches to teach their people the core issues of this battle.

Then, we air Part 1 of John’s lecture, “Spitting in the Face of Christ,” delivered at Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Hayden, Idaho.  The theme: How did the churches under the Nazis and the Communists get it so wrong and what does that mean for the church in the West today?


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