Feb 18, 2017

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Hands Off My Assets!

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170007 02/18/2017

President Trump recently met with sheriffs from around the country to discuss, among other things, civil asset forfeiture. In this week’s boralogue, John shows why the President’s decision to endorse forfeiture is wrong, looking at its history from good idea to money-grabbing corruption. Upholding the Constitution must return to policing.

How does newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions link to civil asset forfeiture? Prominent forfeiture attorney Brenda Grantland (www.brendagrantland.com) points out that despite the increase of thousands of cases each year, made possible by Sessions’ proposals in the Senate, drugs and crime have not decreased.

A whistle-blower has revealed that the NOAA manipulated statistics in an attempt to assure climate conference attendees that the earth’s temperature is increasing. Rejoining the program is Dr. Matt Briggs (www.wmbriggs.com), Adjunct Professor at Cornell University, who points out that taking the earth’s temperature is quite difficult and climate alarmists will use whatever data best fits their narrative.

After President Trump’s press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu this week, mainstream news outlets cried foul when he didn’t call on them for questions. Curtis Houck (www.newsbusters.org), Managing Editor of NewsBusters refutes the media’s claim that not calling on them is an attack on free speech as well as their attempt to equate new democrat town halls with the Tea Party movement in 2009.

The hard Left seems content on being apologists for Islamic jihadists, but why? Richard Landes (www.seconddraft.org), History Professor at Boston University explains that the Left and jihadists have similar goals in combating supposed Western imperialism. The Left doesn’t realize, though, that they will be discarded when the mission is finished.

John’s quote of the week:
“If you expect us to support law enforcement when people say that police lives don’t count – and we have and we do support you in that – then we expect you to support your oath to protect and defend the Constitution, not your cash flow.”

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