Apr 19, 2003

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Noah’s Ark, Anthrax and UFOs

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Now you must admit this sounds like an interesting show.

Timothy Maier from Insight Magazine (www.insightmag.com) has been trying to find out why the CIA won’t release pictures the “anomaly” on Mount Ararat. It also seems the Navy did a series of photos which remain classified. What did Noah know that the US didn’t?

The conversation continues with an examination of the anthrax mystery. Over a year from the anthrax release after 9/11 we’re no closer to knowing who really did it. The FBI seems determined to pin the event on one scientist despite some evidence leading to the 9/11 bombers.

Finally known UFOlogist Stanton Friedman (www.stantonfriedman.com) looks at enduring resistance to the idea that UFOs might be real…whatever real means. John’s boralogue looks at the resurrection and its significance.

Well, we said it was going to be interesting.


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