Aug 28, 2004

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The Piranha Syndrome

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As Saudi Arabia’s government slides towards a fall and Yassir Arafat’s grip on the Palestinian “government” gradually fails, terrorist groups such as Hamas and Al Qaeda bide their time with anticipation of an opportune moment to act.  Avi Lipkin takes a brief look at changes underway in the Middle East.

Then half way around the world, why is the Mossad snooping around New Zealand? Prime Minister Helen Clark is awfully upset but perhaps it’s tied to the fact that New Zealand’s passports provide easy entry to numerous countries in the West, a fact which makes them desirable for terrorists.  Jeremy Compton reports from Wellington.

Finally a survey among US chiefs of police reveals almost startling attitudes towards an armed citizenry and the war on drugs.  Hint:
it isn’t the viewpoint the PC crowd would like you to have.

Since we’re still on vacation, John skips the boralogue today — and there is much rejoicing.


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