Feb 12, 2005

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Do You Trust the Trust?

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For just a second there we thought there would be honest discussion about the approaching social security train wreck but, fooled us. Democrats are virtually lying about it and Republicans are trying to dodge the bullet. Bottom line: there is no viable social security trust fund. It’s a myth concocted with accounting magic.

Jim Puplava (www.financialsense.com) joins John to itemize the challenge confronting the nation. You might as well know about it because it’s going to affect you no matter what the politicians say or promise.

The we switch to the issue of judicial tyranny from two standpoints: the first examines judges attempting to direct the outcomes of trials by rigging the juries. An anonymous guest joins us in the first of a series of vignettes with Steel on Steel listeners. Then Larry Pratt (www.gunowners.org) comes on board to detail a case in Oregon where the victim of an assault became its bad guy because he dared defend himself with a firearm and the judge was anti-gun.

John’s boralogue is a “Mad World” introduction to the entire social security issue.


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