Mar 31, 2012

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Spending the Week in Court

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120013 03/31/2012

The whole country has been watching the Supreme Court’s hearings on Obamacare, but there were other important Supreme Court rulings this week that were virtually ignored by the press.

First up is attorney James Mason from Home School Legal Defense ( The Supreme Court declined to hear a case involving a homeschool family where a social worker forced entry into their home on minimal probable cause.

Then constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord ( examines the Supreme Court’s favorable decision in the case of the Sackett family in Priest Lake, Idaho. The Sacketts were building a house on property they purchased when the EPA arbitrarily declared their property a wetland, demanded they dismantle the construction, cease use of the property and fined them $37,000 a day until they complied with no venue for an appeals hearing. Unfortunately this is not an isolated case.

The Pope was in Cuba last week. Why does the world media have a fetish about mass murderer Che Guevara, Castro’s henchman? Yale Professor Carlos Eire grew up in the same Cuban neighborhood as Che. He is author of the “Waiting for Snow in Havana,” which won the National Book Award in 2003.

John’s boralogue answers critical emails regarding the debate with Ronald Sider on last week’s show.


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