Dec 8, 2018

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Untrue Believers

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180049 12/08/2018

When a worldview begins to die, its adherents become more shrill. When they keep losing the argument in the marketplace of ideas, the only option left for them is to shut you up. In this week’s boralogue, John looks at certain worldviews – like those that led to the rioting in France – that fail when held up to reality and how the true believers devolve into severe disillusionment.

Economic engines, in part, make the world go ’round. Investigative journalist and author Daniel Estulin (, describes how the elites behind economic models have pulled the strings for centuries, linking finances and geopolitics. He also examines President Trump’s place in this economic history as well as those who back him.

Free speech is violated on college campuses all the time, even when students choose not to speak. Nicki Neilly (, President of Speech First, joins us to discuss the many cases of self-censoring that students are choosing just to avoid a bad grade or even expulsion. What is the best way to fight back and regain your voice?

Since the education system has become so toxic, why has there been no push-back against the progressive agenda? Duke Pesta (, Director of FreedomProject Academy, explains that the people who broke the system are the ones currently running it with an iron fist. Reforming education should be a top priority in this country but no one in government seems to rank it there.

John’s quote of the week:
The thought police win when we self-censor. Bad ideas can be challenged by good ideas – and people will ultimately accept the good ideas – but they can’t do that when the good ideas never get spoken. That’s why it’s such a disaster for free speech.

In this week’s Section 6, John looks at prosecutorial tactics with government lawyers along with some legal cases involving free speech. He also examines the future of Mexico, atheists vs Christians in court, more socialism on campuses, and the problem with study wars.

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