Aug 17, 2019

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Currencies: Endgame

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Much news happening around the world so we will skip the boralogue and jump right in with our first guest, author and journalist James Gorrie ( He and John discuss the economic realities in China, including the effect of U.S. tariffs and the likelihood that China will collapse just as the Soviet Union did.

We should also look at our economy, especially in light of recent recession warning signs. Jason Pye (, Vice President for Legislative Affairs at FreedomWorks, analyzes our out of control spending and national debt, as well as the endgame of our currency. If we don’t have a serious conversation and take steps to regain economic control, we may not recover from the next crash.

After John covers healthcare and climate change issues, we welcome to the program Brian Wang (, Chief Blogger at Next Big Future, who examines upper atmosphere high resolution surveillance, its constant tracking of every person, and the possible future implications of that technology.

John’s quote of the week:
Currencies which are not backed by anything tend to have a 200 to 250 year life cycle because governments and central banks cannot resist inflating them. Once the politicos run out of available taxation, they invisibly begin picking our pockets by inflating the currency. And of course that just destroys it.

In this week’s Extras segment, we play a Steel interview from October 2011 with Dr. Darryl Hart of Hillsdale College about how the marriage between evangelicalism and conservatism may be coming to an end. Since we’ve covered economics quite a bit this week, a flashback on politics and religion will nicely round out the program. Plus we play a snippet from Producer Steve’s podcast War on Stupid, where he discusses the pros and cons of supporting President Trump as a Christian.


08/17/2019 Currencies: Endgame

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – James Gorrie – Economic Reality in China (1:55)
2 – John Loeffler – Ins and Outs of the Stock Market (13:29)
      James Gorrie – How Bad China’s Economy Actually Is (16:55)
3 – Jason Pye – Underlying Factors Leading to Future Economic Woes (26:23)
4 – Jason Pye – Controlling the Deficit and the Debt (39:46)
      John Loeffler – Geo-Economic Chessboard (46:42)
5 – John Loeffler – Various: Media Balance, Healthcare, Climate Change (52:40)
6 – Brian Wang – Hi-Tech Surveillance & Possible Implications (1:06:03)
7 – Extras Segment – Interview with Darryl Hart from 10/2011 & Producer Steve (1:18:57)

      End of Show (1:58:23)


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Apr 18, 2015

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However Did We Get Here?

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150016 04/18/2015

This week the country observed the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. John examines the many contradictions that have plagued our nation since Lincoln’s time. Those who preach tolerance are being anything but. We can stop being racists by being obsessed with it. We can all be diverse and different, but only by being the same. We may not even realize that we’re sleepwalking into World War III. However did we get here? That’s the direction of the program for today.

First we turn to Diana West (, journalist and author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. She discusses the steady stealthy Marxist infiltration of our government that began in the 1930s, and how this has shaped decisions made in the years since. She also compares the Cold War deals made between the U.S. and the Soviet Union with the impending framework deal with Iran.

What is the social contract and what happens when the citizens of a state believe their government is violating it? Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Ph.D. (, former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush on economic policy, analyzes the oftentimes turbulent renegotiation of the social contract between citizens and their state. There should be a balance of power between the individual or corporation to make a profit and the power of the state to tax them. When this fails, problems develop.

Our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6!Join us as we continue our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6, which features comments by John on important stories making news around the world. This week, John takes an extensive look at the IMF and the endgame of climate change advocates for a carbon tax.

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