Oct 19, 2020

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Steve Elwart: Logic, Reason, and Fossil Fuels

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Steve ElwartThe climate change narrative isn’t working.  But that isn’t stopping the alarmists and their crusade against oil and fossil fuels.  Joining us today to inject a little logic and reason into the debate is long-time friend of the show and oil industry expert Steve Elwart.  He reveals the countless everyday products that are made, in part, from oil.  This includes plastics, which would therefore include the windmills that climate change advocates want to use to replace oil.  He also discusses infrastructure projects, energy markets, and a sane approach to alternative fuels.


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May 9, 2020

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Backbone of the World Economy

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It’s easy to be overwhelmed as a deluge of news bombards us from all directions. In this week’s boralogue, John rises above the noise and looks at where we stand, including the narrow path between fighting the virus and fighting problems that arise from a slow economy, and how progressive narratives are being uprooted in the virus’s wake. The best way to get through all the noise, however, is with faith in God, who is our anchor point.

Michael FarrisA new battle has erupted on an old narrative: homeschooling is bad for students. Michael Farris (www.hslda.org), Chairman of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association, shows that educrats have always disregarded parental values in favor of the progressive ideologies of teachers. With homeschools gaining in popularity, now these educrats are fighting back.

Bill ReedHow are Russia and Vladimir Putin dealing with the geopolitics surrounding this pandemic? Craig Reed (www.wcraigreed.com), former U.S. Navy Diver and Co-Founder of Us4Warriors Veterans Foundation, analyzes how Vladimir Putin navigates the global chess board as leader of Russia, how he came to power, and what Western leaders should do to compete.

Steve ElwartSteve Elwart, Director of Systems Engineering for Ergon Refining in Mississippi, joins us for the rest of the program to examine all aspects of the oil industry from extracting it out of the ground to delivery at the gas station as well as prices on the oil market. He and John then discuss how different the world will be when we emerge from this pandemic.

John’s quote of the week:
With regard to public schools versus homeschools: “Do the views of the parents get reflected in what’s taught in the school or is government dictating to the students and to the parents what will be taught? Totalitarian societies dictate. Free societies do not.

On this week’s extra segment, we play an interview with Victor Davis Hanson from a little over a year ago where he discusses the reason for President’s Trump’s victory in 2016, mistakes that those on Left make regarding the president, and a few critiques of the administration. John follows up with some analysis on free speech and the economy.


05/09/2020 Backbone of the World Economy

Podcast Episode Chapters – (Segment start time)

1 – Boralogue – Message of Hope Through All the Noise (2:00)
2 – Michael Farris – Homeschool Benefits Over Public Schools (13:29)
3 – W. Craig Reed – Chess Playing of Vladimir Putin (26:24)
4 – W. Craig Reed – Putin’s Game & Our Response to It (39:46)
      John Loeffler – Persecution of Christians (49:39)
5 – Steve Elwart – Ins and Outs of the Oil Industry & Markets (52:40)
6 – Steve Elwart – Oil: From Ground to Gas Station (1:06:03)
7 – Extras Segment – Victor Davis Hanson on President Trump from April 2019 (1:18:57)

      End of Show (2:01:16)


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Sep 1, 2012

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Vulnerable to Iranian EMP Attack

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120035 09/01/2012

With tensions over possible attacks on Iran mounting, one way Iran could actually retaliate is by discharging an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) over the United States, which would shut down the national power grid. How realistic is this threat? Steve Elwart is a consultant on electronic security issues.

When did liberalism adopt socialism as its model? In the early part of the 20th Century progressives were falling all over themselves to endorse communist experiments in the early Soviet Union until things started to fall apart. Then they wrapped themselves in the American flag and began talking about social justice, etc. William Lord is author of “The Battle for America: Socialism and Christianity.”

As the United States backs itself into an energy corner with rising international tensions, the oil in the Green River Formation goes unused. Former Colorado Congressman Bob Beauprez ranches in that area of the country and he joins us for a quick look at what it would take to extract the oil.

John’s boralogue is non-existent today because we jump right into the interviews.

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