Sep 16, 2017

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American Not Say-ism

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170037 09/16/2017

If we’re not careful, history will repeat itself. In this week’s boralogue, John coins a new term: Not Say-ism – when people tell you what to say and not say, what to believe and not believe, and what to think and not to think. He compares the Not Says of today with the German Nazis of the 1930s and 1940s and points out the logical fallacies at the core of American Not Says.

What happens when a nation’s heroes are evaluated on the flaws and not on their accomplishments? Author and historian Daniel Mallock ( shows that the latest push by leftists to erase parts of American history by tearing down statues is undoing all the good efforts it took to heal our nation after the Civil War.

The Not-Says are strong on college campuses. Madeleine Kearns (, Contributing Journalist at the Spectator, compares her time at university in Scotland and New York, recalling that identity politics is rising while free speech is in decline.

Not-Says are picking up steam online as well, with Facebook and YouTube leading the way. Matt Agorist (, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Free Thought Project, recounts his battle with Facebook after they blocked his page once for extremist content and another time for no stated reason. Censorship is growing in cyberspace.

After dissecting Diane Feinstein’s comments and a religious test for office in the clip of the week, John speaks with Joe Fioramonti (, Founder and Artist at Dark Square about his art work in support of the Hurricane Harvey victims in Houston. We round out the program with Steel Producer Steve and John discussing Twitter tantrums and whether those who engage in them should be fired.

John’s quote of the week:
The mental disorder of American Not-Say-ism is a compulsive totalitarian instinct in which its adherents simply cannot resist coming apart at the seams upon hearing a trigger word and launching into lengthy irrational tirades or engaging in violence against the ‘offender’ – all in the name of defending safe spaces and being tolerant!

This week on our Section 6 Intelligence Brief: climate change questions to ask, contradictions of liberal beliefs (Berkeley, the Pope, climate alarmists), upcoming geopolitical changes in the Middle East, policy issues in the Trump administration (taxes, immigration, etc).

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