Jun 13, 2020

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Not the First Rodeo

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Building on last week’s boralogue, John looks at the current battles being waged in front of and behind the scenes to explain what we are seeing today. There are many revolutions, including the battle between freedom and Marxism, as well as fractures within both major political parties between those who want the status quo and those who advocate for massive change. These revolutions are playing out in our cities and on our televisions right now.

Terry TurchieThese riots and protests and revolutions are not this country’s first rodeo. Former FBI Counter-terrorism Assistant Director Terry Turchie (www.tkassociatesllc.com) joins us to examine anarchists of yesteryear, such as the Weather Underground, and compare them to the radicals we see today. For one political party, today’s platform is yesterday’s manifesto.

Brandon WeichertJust like oil and water, Communism and Christianity do not mix. Geopolitical analyst Brandon Weichert (www.weichertreport.com) is back with us to discuss how the Christian Church in China has become an increasing threat to the ruling power, and how that power is stifling speech and freedom by shuttering churches and persecuting believers.


06/13/2020 Not the First Rodeo

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1 – Boralogue – Revolutions Playing Out Right Now (2:04)
2 – John Loeffler – Steps that Lead to a Dying Worldview (13:29)
Terry Turchie – Anarchists Then and Now: Ways to Take Down America (18:53)

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3 – Terry Turchie – Resistance Now: Trying to Take Down the President (26:24)
4 – Terry Turchie – Corruption of the Feds in Trying to Take Down Trump (38:53)
      John Loeffler – Persecution: Coercing or Co-Opting a Church (44:21)
5 – Brandon Weichert – Geopolitics in China, Including the Christian Church (51:47)
6 – Brandon Weichert – Christianity Incompatible with Communism (1:05:10)
      John Loeffler – Stages of Christian Persecution (1:14:07)

      End of Show (1:18:32)


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