Jan 12, 2019

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The Great Race

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We are skipping over the boralogue this week and jumping in with John Zmirak (www.stream.org), Senior Editor at The Stream, who examines the geopolitics of Syria and the Middle East as it pertains to the Kurds and the Turks, the battle between Iran and Israel, and how Christians are faring in the region.

The great race is on between the Federal Reserve and the Trump administration in the plan to hike interest rates. Stephen Moore (www.freedomworks.org), Senior Economic Contributor for Freedom Works and advisor to President Trump joins us to discuss the state of the economy, how to get spending under control, and the need to continue pro-growth policies.

The Catholic Church has entered into an agreement with the Chinese government that could be detrimental to Christians in China. Gina Goh (www.persecution.org), Southeast Asia Regional Manager for International Christian Concern, gives her observations on how the agreement is affecting local churches and how persecution there is strengthening Christians’ resolve.

Agenda 21 from the UN has now morphed into a new plan: Agenda 2030. Author and teacher Jeffrey Ludwig (www.americanthinker.com) points out that catch phrases in the new plan – positive rights, sustainable development, needs of the world – don’t actually achieve anything. The plan doesn’t specifically call for a one-world government, but it is a strong move forward in setting one up.

John’ s quote of the week:
We are in not a political clash but a philosophical clash. It’s a clash between the old Judeo-Christian western civilization model versus the regurgitation of the Neo-Marxist ideas of class struggle and warfare. They are both vying for control of the governments of the West.

This week we are changing up our Section 6 portion of the program – John will explain what our future plans are with that. We play snippets from a classic episode of Steel of Steel from November 2006 titled ‘Dancing with the Dialectic’.


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