Sep 7, 2013

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Toward a Militarized Police State – Part IV

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130036 09/07/2013

Today’s program is the last in our summer thread, “Toward a Militarized Police State.”

John’s boralogue follows last week’s program on the Common Core educational curriculum with an examination of what junior high students knew 100 years ago versus how poorly they’re doing today on far less challenging subjects.

Then columnist James Simpson joins us for an eye-opening revelation of exactly how SWAT teams are being used nowadays. A SWAT raid in Texas a couple of weeks ago on a 3.5 acre community garden yielded nothing but vegetables; not the marijuana they were supposed to find. Even so innocent men and women were handcuffed at gunpoint for long hours.

Mark Nestmann from the Nestmann Group ( follows in the next segment. Historically as governments and their central banks approach the end of their inflation game, they inevitably flop around searching for assets to seize from their citizens, which means an imposition of draconian laws plus a demonization of the classes from whom they intend to “attach” money or property. Mark outlines how this process is going on throughout countries in the west that are in trouble financially.

Finally we’ll round out the entire militarization series conversing with Dan Wilson, who’s a law enforcement officer and a long-time listener to the program.

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