Jun 3, 2017

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Historical Fakery

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170022 06/03/2017

If the youth of today do not respect the laws and rights of this country, what will the United States look like in the future? In this week’s boralogue, John ties together several recent events and shows that there is a time and a place for rationed debate and decorum, but millennials are not being taught this. When arrogance and ignorance of laws and rights are allowed to flourish, totalitarianism isn’t far behind.

Fake news abounds but from where does it originate? William Jeynes (www.cslbu.edu), Professor of Education at Cal State Long Beach, looks at revisionist or fake history propagated by the ideologies of media and academia, its Communist and Marxist roots, and how homeschooling could be the best way to fight against it.

While the press created their own fake narrative of President Trump’s “bumbling” Middle East and European trip, those who were actually there tell a different story. William Koenig (www.watch.org), Head of World Watch Daily and traveler on this trip, discusses the media coverage, the positive relationships forged and the reset of U.S. foreign policy to one of strength and leadership.

John’s quote of the week:
“If the people are behaving the way they do by disrespecting law, institutions, and the basic rights guaranteed under law, how do you think these people will behave once they assume power in the country? You see, ignorance and arrogance together spell totalitarianism.”

Coming up on this week’s Section 6 Intelligence Briefing, John addresses more on Trump’s Middle East trip, the ideological differences facing us in the U.S., Socialism, wars in U.S. history, and Multiculturalism. It’s gonna be packed!

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