Aug 28, 2020

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John Loeffler: Poisoning the Well of Education

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How did we get to the point where this country is as incredibly divided as we are today? There are two sides coming from two completely different worldview foundations – traditional values vs socialism. In today’s boralogue, John looks at the progressive changes in our education system over the past century that have led to the deep division we see today. Religion, patriotism, capitalism, private property, and sovereignty have been removed from education, replaced by socialism and globalism. Children who have been exposed to this now hold on to one worldview foundation, warring against those who champion traditional values. Our education system has been poisoned and a divisive America is the result.


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Aug 15, 2015

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Dropping the Bomb

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150033 08/15/2015

Virtually all government agencies are bogged down with myriad regulations and reform is needed. In this week’s boralogue, John points out that despite dumping mining waste chemicals into Colorado’s Animas River, the EPA continues their quest to control all water in the United States, regardless of homeowners’ property rights. Accountability is needed, demonization of average citizens should cease, and justice should be administered fairly. American citizens should not be looked at as the enemy. Our rights are slowly eroding away, and when they vanish, it will be quite some time before we get them back.

We continue our thread this week on the thoughts and actions of Pope Francis with a roundtable discussion on papal advisor Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Madariaga. Rejoining the program are John Zmirak (, senior editor at, and Jorge Velarde Rosso (, senior researcher at the Acton Institute in Argentina. Cardinal Madariaga has gone on record with anti-Semitic beliefs, accusing Jews of conspiracies against the church, and has advised the Pope that big government can solve the problems of the world that capitalism failed to. With the Pope speaking to the U.N. General Assembly in late September, will the concept of sustainable development take hold and attempt to establish a one world government?

In the early 21st century, the West associates yoga with posture, flexibility, and exercise. Michael Austin (, founder of the Christian communications ministry Publish the Good News, and a former yoga teacher, examines the history and function of yoga from its religious role in Hinduism to its completely different Westernized version. Is it harmless or a plan to introduce pantheism to a Christian nation?

The United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan 70 years ago this month. Retired MIT Physics Professor Hale Bradt (, is author of the Wilbur’s War trilogy, a tale of the Pacific Theater during WWII culled from letters written by his father, a U.S. soldier. He discusses the moral controversy of dropping the bombs and contends that in doing so, we may have prevented a far great number of casualties that would have died during the invasion of Japan.

Our weekly intelligence news briefing, Section 6!As always, join us online for our weekly Section 6 intelligence briefing, featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world. This week, John takes a look at the shrinking Chinese economy and its impact on the world stage.

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