May 5, 2012

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Environmental Fascism

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120018 05/05/2012

Theoretically governments are supposed to save the planet for future generations. But we now have to ask if we are being forced to save ourselves from those who are saving the planet. Julie MacDonald is former Deputy Undersecretary of the Interior ( and she debuts on the program to explain why so many governmental agencies are running rough shod over American citizens with little concern. Environmentalism has become a big-money game with only passing relation to saving the environment.

It seems the United Nations is getting ready to try to impose its control of the Internet by revising an existing international telecommunications treaty. Bartlett Cleland from the Institute for Policy Innovation ( joins us.

Then in the last part of the program we’ll air clips from congressional hearings this week on persecution of Christians in China, especially noting the plight of Chinese human rights attorney and activist Chen Guangcheng.

John’s boralogue responds to a recent (offensive to many) speech by gay atheist activist Dan Savage to a group of high school journalism students, which has gone viral in some sectors. We’ll examine statements he made from a worldview perspective.


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