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The Road Back Extended Version

Why are we in such trouble as a country, both culturally and morally? Is there a long-running agenda to subvert the minds of our youth to achieve a global utopia? What, if anything can be done to correct the damage inflicted upon the soul of our society?

In this two part presentation, John lays out the the steps we’ve taken as a nation to arrive in the moral decay we’re experiencing now and how to get back to the principles that made our country great. Learn the history and tactics of the Progressive Elites and discover the only hope to defeat their evil agenda.

This two disc DVD set contains the extended version of John’s speeches on America’s education system called “The Road Back”.

Disc 1: What’s Really Going on & Where are We Headed? – 52min.

Disc 2: The Unseen Hand – 48min.


Total run time: 1 hour 40 minutes.

Available formats:

2 DVD discs.

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Price: $29.99

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