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Education Extravaganza Disc – Over 32 Hours!

Get this special education set loaded onto a single DVD disc with just about everything we’ve ever done on education from Common Core to homeschooling.

This set includes:

20 Full length shows in .mp3 format

130035 08/31/2013 The Common Core Curriculum
130021 05/25/2013 Religious Freedom Needs Defending
130006 02/09/2013 Dealing with Disconnects – Politics to Science
120043 10/27/2012 How Do You Deal with Oxymorons When you Meet Them?
120013 03/31/2012 Spending the Week in Court
120004 01/28/2012 Geopolitics Education and History
110050 12/10/2011 Making Global Citizens of Public School Students
110022 05/28/2011 Backward to Global Education
110005 01/29/2011 Reform That Isn’t Reform
110004 01/22/2011 Standing in the Storms to Come
100030 07/24/2010 Living in Two Worldviews
100028 07/10/2010 Missionaries with Mixed Metaphors
090049 12/05/2009 Why People Are Upset with Government
090034 08/22/2009 The Little Country that Could
070032 08/11/2007 Sexual Liberation is Backfiring
060049 12/09/2006 Emergent Church & PC Thinking
060044 11/04/2006 Dancing with the Dialectic
050016 04/16/2005 The Truth about Tolerance
050015 04/09/2005 To Escape a Worldview
030025 06/21/2003 The Wolf in the Sheepfold

DVD Video (.mp4):

Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit (45 min.)
The Road Back (64 min.)
The Road Back Extended Version – 2 Disc set (100 min.)


Worldview Wars – 5 hour teaching set (.mp3)



Price: $45.00


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Critical Thinking in an Age of Deceit – 45 min.

This DVD contains the speech that John gave at the Strategic Perspectives conference in November 2011.

Critical thinking is a lost art. John details how to spot the dialectic postmodern mode of thinking and how to combat it in a world of deception.

This DVD also contains “Moment of Truth”. The president of P.F.S. Group James Puplava, details the coming financial crisis.

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