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For nearly three decades, John Loeffler’s Steel on Steel program has been helping to decode the rhetoric of the Progressive movement and defeat Dialectical Postmodernism. His command of history, science, economics and theology, combined with thoughtful and informed insights, cuts through the fog of the other pundits’ narratives, right to the core issues plaguing society today.


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Our weekly program is dedicated to interpreting, and often challenging the worldview assumptions held by those in positions of power and influence. John and his guests challenge those notions by getting past the rhetoric and really drilling down to the underlying issues.

He promotes the sharpening of perspective using history and logic as a guide. Each week we feature investigative news commentary, geopolitical and religious insights, competing worldview analysis, in-depth guest interviews, round-tables, and debates on hard-hitting, and often controversial topics, much of which you will not hear elsewhere.

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Steel on Steel has always been supported entirely by our faithful members, without the influence of outside parties, in order to be free to reach inquisitive minds and to teach the truth. For that cause, we aren’t controlled by some big-bucks sponsor and you won’t see any third-party ads or annoying popups on our site.

If you’re committed to winning the battle to defend the truth, defend our constitutional rights, and educate the next generation, consider supporting us with your paid membership. Not only will you get the full, 2 hour weekly program and show archives, but your support helps keep Steel on Steel going each month. Subscribe today!

We accept donations, but the vast bulk of our operating costs are covered by subscriptions to the show. In preservation of our freedom of speech, and your privacy, Steel on Steel is not a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, therefore donations aren’t tax deductible.


“Most radio shows and podcasts get their revenues from advertising or sponsorships, but then who’s really driving the bias and content of the program? Who’s really running the show, and to whom are they beholden?”    – John Loeffler



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